Money Transfer Services

Prepaid Visa Debit

Maybe the best all around way to transfer money anywhere right now is through a prepaid visa debit card. These cards offer both land and online avenues of transferring money.

It works like this:

Sign up for whichever prepaidvisa you would like to try, which is free.

Load money to your debit card, through direct deposit or one of the retail locations for these services.

Transfer the money to the recipient, through a money sharing setup where you purchase a prepaid visa debit card for your relative or other recipient.

They can then use their card at any place or ATM that takes Visa or Mastercard, which is international.

Direct Deposit can be used with these cards - the day of what would normally be your check date is when the money becomes available.

The online or retail ways debit visa cards are loaded makes the money available instantly.

There is no credit check or other holdup to acquiring one, as long as you can prove your identity with a SS number.