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Vigo Money Transfer

A note: Vigo does not offer an online money transfer option. Why they do not do this; I have no idea. It might have something to do with the fact they are an afilliate of Western Union.

So if you normally use Vigo and are looking for an online or other easier way to transfer money, here is a suggestion:

Prepaid Visa Debit

 This is much easier, not to mention cheaper, than having to search out Vigo's agent locations in various stores all over the world. It will also save you gas money and over the counter pain medication for your headaches that will result.

  If you are still interested in Vigo then read on.

Vigo specializes in transferring money to Latin American & Caribbean countries. They have over 4,000 agents in over 45 states in the United States and can transfer money to most countries around the world. There are over 9,000 payment locations in Mexico alone.

Vigo does not offer an online transfer option so the sender and recipient have to use one of their retail locations. You may want to check local stores that cater to customers of Latin and Caribbean descent, as they often offer Vigo's money transfer services. There is not a list of agents or store locations for Vigo on their web site, but here is their number: 1-800-777-8784


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